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Daradia: The pain clinic feels your pain & sufferings. Located at Kolkata, India it has the facilities of diagnosis, treatment, research and training on pain management. Our patients suffer from headache, neck and back pain, knee pain, cancer pain etc. due to migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis, slipped disc, spondylosis, spondylitis, cancer etc. We use interventional pain management methods... radio-frequency procedures, spinal cord stimulation, Percutaneous Discectomy, vertebroplasty, Epiduroscopy, Ozone Nucleolysis etc.   More...

Pain Management Training Courses

Our Pain management courses are accredited with State Medical Council


We arrange pain management courses & pain management fellowships for doctors. It is arranged in association with AESCULAP ACADEMY & accredited with state medical council. Apart from our popular two weeks' Pain Fellowship named as "Introduction to Pain Management", we also organize short courses on pain management and 3 months' pain fellowships. Here eminent faculties in the field of pain management train the participants on different aspects of pain management. Stresses are given to the practical aspect of interventional pain management. There will be few hands-on session too.

Tailor made pain courses are available for a single doctor in a batch for International participants. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

pain management course Eligibility: Applicant must be a medical graduate (MBBS/MD) from any recognized university. It's desirable that he should have postgraduate degree, but it is not mandetory.

pain management course Course Highlights for all courses:
Directed by Dr. Gautam Das who is the author of several textbooks in pain management.
Organized at biggest dedicated pain management hospital of the world.
Extensive didactic lectures.
How to examine a patient with pain?
Live demonstration of interventional pain management procedures.
Hands-on mannequin practice under C-arm on interventional pain management procedures.
MSK ultrasound workshops
Participants will get adequate time to practice with mannequin under C-arm to learn the interventional pain management procedures.

pain management course Types of Courses: Different types of courses organized at Daradia
1. Two weeks courses (details)
2. 3 days' workshops (details)
3. 5 days' advance courses (details)
4. Tailor-made courses (details)
3 months' pain fellowship (details)
6. One year pain medicine fellowship (details)

pain management course Course language: English

pain management course Course Director:
Dr. Gautam Das is the Chief Executive Editor of Journal on Recent Advances in Pain which is the official journal of Daradia Pain Foundation. He is ex editor-in-chief of Indian Journal of Pain. He is ex-Chairman of Indian, Iran, SriLanka & Pakistan chapter of World Institute of Pain. He is the Director of Aesculap Academy Pain Management course where more than eleven hundred doctors of different speciality from all around the world have been trained in Interventional Pain Management.
pain management course Other Faculty Members:
Dr. Mousumi Datta: Pain Physician, Kolkata
Dr. (Prof) A. Rudra Prof & Head of the Dept. of Anaesthesiology, KPC Medical college Kolkata, India
Dr. (Prof) A. Mitra Ex-Prof & Head of the Dept. of Anaesthesiology, R. G. Kar Medical college Kolkata, India
Dr. S. S. Dalai is chief of Interventional Radiology, Seven Hills Hospital, Visag, AP, India
Dr. Saurav Iswarari: Specialist in Physical Medicine and rehabilitation, N. R. S. Medical College
Dr. R. Gurumuthi: Pain Physician, Trichy
Dr. Anand Kumar GS: Pain Physician, Chennai
Dr. Karthic Babu Natarajan: Pain Physician, Chennai
Dr. M. N. Basumallick: Orthopedic Surgeon, Consultant, Apollo Hospital Kolkata
Dr. Ayananshu Nayak: Consultant Psychiatrist, Kolkata
Dr. Pankaj Surange: Pain Physician, New Delhi
Dr. Palak Mehta: Pain Physician, Ahmedabad

pain management course How to apply: Steps of Registration:
1. Fill in the form online.
2. Get confirmation mail to attend course.
3. Pay remaining part of course fee with additional applicable Govt taxes(15%) on arrival.
Mail us at or, call us at +919163730004 for any questions.

Online application for pain management courses & fellowship.

pain management course Accommodation:

Accommodation during all pain management courses & fellowship should be arranged by the participants at their own. However, they may stay at our hostel free of cost (except electricity chrges) on sharing with other course participants, if seats are available.
Complimentary accommodation can be provided only if one agree with terms & conditions & till seats are avialable.

pain management course Schedule for forthcoming courses with current status of availability of seats:

Forthcoming 2 weeks' Courses at Daradia
18 – 29 June '18
2-13 July ’18
6-17 Aug ’18
3-14 Sept ’18
1-12 Oct 18
3-14 Dec’18
Forthcoming Advanced Course at Daradia
1st-5th Aug 2018

3 months course is scheduled in every month.

Click to enroll for One year pain medicine fellowship

For schedule of courses for Indonesian doctors at Indonesia, in association with Padjadjaran University, please mail us at

Comments made by some of the participants of different courses organised by DARADIA
pain management course Dr. Anthony Josheph Espinet DA, MD, FRCS, FRCA, FFPM (Specialist, Pain Medicine, Fellow of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, Queensland, Australia): It is a very good pain management course .. for new pain specialists as well as for seniors wanting extra knowledge in advanced pain management procedures. Dr Gautam Das is a very good teacher... I would recommend this pain management course to others.

pain management training Dr. Mohammad Rahman MD, FAAPMR (Specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, New York, USA): I did 3 months's pain management fellowship. This pain fellowship in one word is "EXCELLENT". The content is perfect and Dr. Das's teaching method is very hand's-on and real life oriented. His dedication to the advancement of Pain Medicine Discipline is admirable & encouraging for new generation of Pain Practitioner.

pain management training Dr. Awishul I. B. Gazali MD (Dept. of Anesthesiology, Hospital Taiping, MALAYSIA): I did pain management fellowship from here and stayed 9 months. It is an excellent pain fellowship and very informative. It ... exposed me to a new dimension on how to treat chronic pain patients.

pain management training Dr. Md. Abu Bakar Siddiq FCPS (Specialist in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, BANGLADESH): I have been trained in Daradia on Interventional Pain Management. One can choose this pain fellowship without any hesitation. This pain fellowship is simply excellent.

pain management training Dr. E. A. R. A. Gadir MD, PG Diploma in pain management(UK) (Pain Physician, Sudan): I did 3 months' pain management fellowship from here. The course content is excellent. It gave me more than I was expecting and I found what I did not found in another pain management course.

pain management training Dr. Yusuk Mangara (Neurologist, Jakarta, Indonesia): I shall recommend this pain management course, it has covered what we need to learn about interventional pain management.

pain management training Dr. Hisham M. N. Ben Shaban (Neurosurgeon, Tripoli, Libya): I strongly recommend others to participate this pain management course as the procedures and approach are scientific. This pain course is practical and very useful for me.

pain management training Dr. B. N. Nabi (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Iran): It is a very excellent pain management course. I came here twice. Though there was opportunity to get training from Europe, I preferred Kolkata to learn. I stayed here for more than 2 months after completing the 2 weeks pain management course.

pain management training Dr. Cezmi Turk (Neurosurgeon, Istanbul, Turkey): My expectations are fulfilled more than enough. I am happy and satisfied about this pain management course.

pain management training Dr. Mohamed Maan A. Shinnawy MD, PhD (Pain Physician, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ): I would like to express my honest gratitude for Daradia Pain Clinic Team who made me enjoy the pain management Course & Workshop. Surely, I shall advice any colleague who is interested in pain management to have a visit to such a Technically Advanced Pain Clinic in India.

pain management training Dr. Nafez Shelbayeh MD (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician Amman/Jordan): It is my pleasure that I have attended this dedicated refresher course that you have organized, it has aplenty of information and practical skills that we have captured. The second thing: your hospitality is very great. Thank you and your faculty, I think Daradia Pain Clinic is the proper place to learn and practice interventional pain. Third thing: this course has improved my practical skills & patient exam very well. Thank you all for your kindness, hospitality and knowledge.

pain management training Dr. Kawsar Sardar (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Dhaka, Bangladesh): My expectation was to learn Interventional Pain Management. I got more than my expectations.

pain management training Dr. Ali A. Younis (Rheumatologist, Mosul, Iraq): It is a very useful course, we learnt a lot, more than we expected. Dr. Gautam Das is a great teacher. He taught us not only most kinds of Interventional Pain Management Procedures (though it is the most charming part), but also a rational approach to manage a patient with pain and selection of cases for particular interventions. After I completed pain management fellowship, I stayed for another 4 months to learn more.

pain management training Dr. Peter Tisovsky (Spine surgeon, Slovakia, Europe): It is an excellent pain management course, I would definitely recommend others to participate. Thanks organizer for these two useful weeks.

pain management training Dr. Tasneem Ladha (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Dubai): This is a good exposure for interventional pain management. Practical approach to pain is very good.

pain management training Dr. S. Reza (Physiatrist, Babol, Iran): It is a very excellent pain management course; I shall definitely recommend others to participate the course, I came here several times.

pain management training Dr. N.B.A. Attaey (Spine surgeon, Kuwait): It is an excellent and useful pain management course, I learned more than I expected.

pain management training Dr. Aslam Sher Khan (Anaesthesiologist, Bahrain): My expectations are fulfilled, I shall recommend other to participate this pain management course.

pain management training Dr. Mohammed Arshad Ali (Anaesthesiologist, Bahrain): My expectations are more than fulfilled, I shall definitely recommend others to participate this pain management course as it is a very good learning experince.

pain management training Dr. Adel Said Elmalah (Interventional Radiologist, Egypt): It is an excellent and beneficial pain management fellowship. After completing pain fellowship I feel that I can start Interventional Pain Management.

pain management training Dr. Sujit K. S. Gautam (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Lucknow, UP): I think this is the only pain management course in India providing such an excellent and informative orientation to interventional pain management. One must attend this course before starting his/her pain clinic.

pain management training Dr. Chetan Chhajed (Orthopaedics and spine surgeon, Ahmednagar, MH): My concepts regarding back-pain and it's management have been completely revolutionized, (as I cannot say only changed.) I would strongly recommend it to all orthopedic surgeons as well as others dealing with pain. I myself would definitely like to come back to learn more.

pain management fellowship Dr. A. K. Khan. (Rheumatologist, Hyderabad, AP): This is a good course with good exposure to clinical material. Dr. Das is a very good and humble teacher and never tired of answering.

pain management fellowship Dr. Palak Modi. (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Ahmedabad): I wanted to learn Pain Practice thoroughly & this pain management course fulfilled my expectation.

pain management fellowship Dr. R. N. Biswas (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Kolkata): It is an excellent pain management course....nothing to add.

pain management fellowship Dr. Arti Darda (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Nagpur): It is very good pain management course and more than my expectation.

pain management fellowship Dr. Abdul Qayam. (Orthopaedics & Spine Surgeon, Srinagar, J&K): It is an excellent, exhaustive, practical pain management course touching all most all aspects of pain management.

pain management fellowship Dr. Shobha Pareek. ( Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Jodhpur, Rajastan): this pain management course is too good. I wish they could add it in the P.G. curriculum of Anesthesia at medical collage in pain clinic & PAC clinics.

pain management fellowship Dr. Amit N. Yannawar. (Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Hyderabad, AP): This pain management course covers maximum Interventions which a pain physician can do routinely. Dr. Das take care of each student individually and give enough time for all of us.

pain management fellowship Dr. S. K. Sharma (Physician, Ujjain, MP): This pain management course shall make participants to explore the new horizons in pain practice.

pain management fellowship Dr. Kiran J. Jayswal ( Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Surat, Gujrat): This is a wonderful experience of my life, up till now I had. What I learned I think may not be possible anywhere else.

pain management fellowship Dr. Prashant Bajpai ( Orthopaedics and spine surgeon, New Delhi): I got the opportunity to learn from one of the best in our country. The teaching methods were excellent; all questions were answered & doubts were cleared in such a methodical way that words are not sufficient to describe the experience.

pain management fellowship Dr. Jogesh Godbole ( Orthopaedics and spine surgeon, Baroda, Gujrat): This was an eye opener course for me. All practical aspects were covered very nicely. Detailed discussion of interventional pain management procedures helped me immensely in solving most of my doubts.

pain management fellowship Dr. N. Karthik Babu ( Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Chennai, TN): It is a fabulous course for everyone interested in pain management. Dr. Das's knowledge, skill and teaching is inspiring.

pain management fellowship Dr. Sachin P. Lohiya (Physician, Aurangabad, MH): It is a good and lifetime experience.

pain management fellowship Dr. Dhaval Mehta ( Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Baroda, Gujrat): I do not have any words to describe this pain management course. It was thoroughly informative both theoretically and practically. I never expected that it would be such a wonderful experience before coming here.

pain management fellowship Dr. Santosh Tripathi ( Neurologist and Pain Physician, Gwalior, MP): Nicely condensed, yet detailed in the country...would advice all other to attend it.

pain management fellowship Dr. P. Sunil Gavaskar ( Anaesthesiologist and Pain Physician, Chennai): It was an excellent experience. This pain management course gave a deep understanding on pain.

pain management fellowship Dr. Vishal Bhatia (Orthopaedics and spine surgeon, New Delhi): There is only one word to describe this course-"EXCELLENT". It has totally changed my concepts about management of pain.

pain management fellowship Dr. Vijoy Kapoor(Gurgaon, Haryana) If you really want to do good and ethical pain practice, this course is for you...This pain management course is very well organized. The in-depth knowledge of Dr. Gautam Das makes this course a wonderful experience.

pain management fellowship Dr. Kamini Rao(Vishakhapattanam, AP) It is very impressive pain management course with good blend of theory and practice. I feel I took right decision by selecting this course.

pain management fellowship Dr. Gautam Shah (Orthopaedics and spine surgeon, Dhule, MH): I came here at DARADIA with only ozone nucleolysis in mind, but after attending the course my concept for pain management has completely shifted. I learned how to treat spine pathology without operating. I recommend each and every orthopedic and neurosurgeon to attend this course. It is a must for all of them.

pain management fellowship Dr. P. D. Rath (New Delhi): It is a very useful pain management course.... Dr. Gautam Das is a very good teacher, clinician and interventional pain specialist.

pain management fellowship Dr. (Maj) Pankaj N Surange (New Delhi): In a very informative, stimulating and well organized pain management Fellowship; Dr Gautam Das has given us an in-depth understanding and knowledge of assessment and evaluation of pain patient and the description of the management protocols of various pain states. I salute his dedication in advancement of the Art and Science of this new branch of medical science of Interventional Pain Management.

pain management fellowship Dr. Saurav Iswarari (Physiatrist, Kolkata, WB): Its an excellent pain management fellowship and I learned more than I expected. It gave me the confidence to perform most of the Interventional Pain Management Procedures.

pain management fellowship Dr. Anant Patel (Ahmedabad, Gujrat): It is an excellent learning experience and we got one of the best teacher ever. We are thankful to Dr. Gautam Das for all his efforts and hospitality.

pain management fellowship Dr. K. Raghabendra (Chennai): It is very rewarding experience and we had the opportunity to see and learn from an expert pain physician. We have learnt the proper approach to diagnosis and management of chronic & acute painful conditions.

pain management fellowship Dr. Ashok Jadon (Jamshedpur): Practical course exposure was excellent. I am going to start Facet joint block, Transforaminal inj. from the first day and other interventions later.

pain management fellowship Dr. Vinoy Somya (Simla, HP): The pain management course reached more than my expectation and I shall start all lumber procedures.

pain management fellowship Dr. R. S. Kumar (Chennai): It is a very good course for spine pain management.

pain management fellowship Dr. Vaibhav S. Kamath (Mumbai): Its an excellent pain management course and very good learning experience. It cover details of pain process, application of clinical judgment in selecting cases for interventions particularly under C-arm.

pain management fellowship Dr. Vivek Chakole (Nagpur, MH): This Pain Management fellowship was really wonderful and I think it may change my life & carrier from anaesthesiologist to interventional pain specialist. Dr. Das's knowledge and skill of intervention is the best and helpful for the community like any thing. The days of pain fellowship not only improved our knowledge but also improved our personality & attitude towards life. I am really thankful to Dr Das and DARADIA: The Pain Clinic.

pain management fellowship Dr. Madhujeet Gupta (Delhi): The pain management course has been designed very well. It is truly a rewarding experience.

pain management fellowship Dr. Shashidhar S. K. (Bangalore, Karnataka): It is one of the best programs of pain management.....

pain management fellowship Dr. Mayank Chansoria (Jabalpur, MP): It is well planned and very useful Pain Management is a must attend course for all pain physician.

Contact for Pain Management Training Course
pain management fellowshipContact: You may send your queries at: regarding pain management training courses.

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