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Ozone Nucleolysis for Management of
Pain and Disability in Prolapsed Lumber
Intervertebral Disc

A Prospective Cohort Study


Charnock Hospital; Kolkata,West Bengal, India

Key words: prolapsed intervertebral disc, ozone nucleolysis, oxygen-ozone therapy, low back pain

The prevalence rate of low back pain in a number of studies ranged from 22% to 65% in one year, and lifetime prevalence ranged from 11% to 84%. Over the years many percutaneous minimally invasive therapeutic modalities have evolved. Intradiscal oxygen-ozone therapy has also showed promising results. We undertook a prospective cohort study to evaluate the therapeutic outcome of oxygen-ozone therapy on patients with lumber disc herniation in the Indian population. After obtaining ethical committee and investigational review board permission, 53 consecutive patients complying with selection criteria were treated with a single session of oxygenozone therapy. All presented with clinical signs of lumber nerve root compression supported by CT and MRI findings. All patients received 3-7 ml of ozone-oxygen mixture at an ozone concentration of 29-32 mc/ml of oxygen. Therapeutic outcome was assessed after three weeks, three months, six months, one year and two years on a visual analog scale and Oswestry low back pain disability questionnaire. Pain intensity was significantly reduced following treatment (VAS baseline 7.58�0.86, after three weeks 2.75�1.42 and after two years 2.64�2.14). Similarly the Oswestry disability index showed a remarkable improvement in the functional status of the patients (p<0.05). No major complication was observed in this case series. Oxygen-ozone treatment is highly effective in relieving low back pain due to lumber disc herniation.

Published at: Interventional Neuroradiology 15: 330-334, 2009

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